I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to the PA Veteran's Caucus and the Society of Army PAs for their support of Veteran PA students.

  I was a 2010 Society of Army PAs Scholarship recipient and I wanted to be able to enhance my PA education through international experiences and professional growth with my scholarship award. I am currently in Peru as a Primary Investigator conducting a clinical research project on maternal health - specifically, active management of the third stage of labor to prevent PPH in the Peruvian Andes. My ability live in Peru for 3 months while conducting my research hinged on having enough financial support and the PA Veteran's Caucus Scholarship via the Society of Army PAs is one of the major reasons why I am here. I was selected as an International Research Fellow by the Yale School of Medicine Downs Fellowship Committee and received a stipend from the Yale Office of Student Research but it was not quite enough to cover all of my reserach as well as living expenses for 3 months. I was unable to get additional funding through Yale or through the PA Foundation but the PA Veteran's Caucus has been the one organization that has allowed me to comfortably leave the U.S. for an amazing cultural and professional experience.

  I am about 1 month into my research project and it has been a truly exceptional experience.

  I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks and hope that you can put me in contact with the Leaders of the Scholarship Committee for both the PA Veteran's Caucus as well as the Society of Army PAs.

  I am keeping a blog during my time in Peru and it can be accessed at the following link:   [LINK: http://bmedopas2inperu.blogspot.com/]

  There is also more information on the Yale Downs Fellowship on the Yale PA Program website:   [LINK: http://medicine.yale.edu/pa/news/index.aspx]

  Thanks for your time, sir.

  I will be in touch and I look forward to seeing the members of the PA Veteran's Caucus this June in Las Vegas.
Take care,
all the best

Benjamin Olmedo
Yale School of Medicine
Physician Associate Program
Class of 2011