The Silent Society

Navigating the Military Culture

(Sponsored by the Veterans Caucus Speakers Bureau))

Presenter: John Padgett, PA-C, PhD

Past President, Veterans Caucus

10228 Donald Weese Ct.

Las Vegas, NV 89129

702-499-8155 (c)

702-777-1766 (w)


Synopsis: The armed forces have their own culture, and within the armed forces the various departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force have their own subcultures. As the US has been involved in over 12 years of incessant warfare, the physician assistant will be confronted with veteran patients who are a part of the military culture or who, at the least, retain many aspects of it. In order to assure the optimum compliance and treatment outcome, the PA should be culturally competent when providing care to veterans and their families.


Learning Objectives: At the completion of this talk, the clinician

  1. Will recognize patients who are part of the military culture
  2. Will recognize and mitigate barriers to patient care of members of the military culture
  3. Will identify members of the military culture through the use of mannerisms and language
  4. Will include specific needs of the veteran into the veteran’s evaluation and treatment plan